Inklings Writers Retreat Opportunity

Do you remember when I went to my first writers retreat? If not, I have conveniently linked it for you here. Great experience, but I wanted more writing time.

I’ve learned since then that when people say “writing retreat,” they mean a place where writers gather to talk about stuff and maybe get some critique in. Okay. I suppose there’s a time and place for that as well.

Yet, what I REALLY want is productive WRITING time away from my household responsibilities, work stresses, children constantly shouting my name, the DVR having more draw than my keyboard, etc. Now a traditional writing retreat offers an escape, but it doesn’t allow enough time to actually create.

So, Inklings Publishing has decided to host a Writers Retreat focused on, get this, WRITING.

Step 1: Peaceful Location

What’s more peaceful than the beach in November? We’ve rented a huge house on the beach of Bolivar Peninsula. All the beds are queen-sized (though you will not have your own room) and the house has an immense upper story wrap around porch as well as a covered level below with swings. Let the sound of the waves wash away the stress of home life and allow the creative mind to break free and take over.

Step 2: Meals Provided

The kitchen has been set up for entertaining which is perfect because we will be cooking ALL of your meals from dinner Friday to breakfast Sunday morning. You never have to interrupt your creative flow to think about cooking a meal. We’ve got it covered.

Coffee, tea, and water will be available at all times along with a variety of snack foods. Something specific you like to munch on? Let us know and we’ll make sure to have it there. If you would like to bring soda or adult beverages, feel free. We’ll have extra large coolers available to place your personal drink preferences for easy retrieval.

Step 3: Convenient Date

We’ve chosen the first weekend in November for multiple reasons. Life is about to get hectic with the rush of the holiday season. I know my word count suffers greatly every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Let’s take the first weekend for our writing and get ahead instead of feeling like we’re chasing the ball the entire holiday season.

For anyone participating in NaNoWriMo, you can get a kick start on those 50,000 words by dedicating the first weekend to your keyboard. Watch that spike tower over the predicted graph. Now you can actually enjoy Thanksgiving weekend, instead of abandoning your family and friends to type out those last words to make your goal.

Step 4: Writing Environment

We will have zones set up in the house to make writing most convenient for everyone attending. One room will be a dedicated quiet room. We will ask everyone in there to not talk to allow the silent writers to reach their goals. We’ll also have a talking room: the kitchen and living room area. If you prefer a bit of activity when you write or just need a break, head into that area and get your productivity on.

Don’t forget the patios and the beach itself. If you need to get outside, please make yourself comfortable. I like to switch places when I hit a spot in my writing where the words stop flowing so easily. A change in location does me good. If anyone else needs that flexibility, this is the right retreat for you.

Step 5: Camaraderie

As I talked about in my last post, writers like to think we’re all alone, but we’re not. Like all retreats, we’ll get to know one another, exchange contact information, share triumphs and frustrations. We’re planning on introductions at dinner on Friday where we will set our goals for the weekend. Some writers might have a word count goal. Some might prefer chapter or page goals. Another writer might use this time to revise a completed draft instead. Whatever your goal is, we want to support you.

After lunch on Saturday, a typical dead time for creativity, we’ll offer a modest workshop. If you don’t want to attend, go do your thing. There’s a whole beach to explore after all. Otherwise, we’d love to sit together and learn a bit more about our craft.

Around dinner time on Saturday, we’ll check in and see how everyone is doing. If anyone needs help working something out or might need to revise their goal, we’re here for you.

Step 6: Reasonable Prices

Let’s face it. Writers aren’t usually flush with cash. We know that. We happen to be writers as well. We’ve priced the weekend at $600 for a single occupancy queen-sized bed or $400 for a double occupancy queen-sized bed. (If you don’t want us to choose your bunk mate, be sure to sign up with a buddy. And no romantically involved couples please. It’s not that kind of event.)

Now some of you are thinking, “That’s pretty reasonable for a house on the beach and all meals provided.”

For the rest of you who are saying, “What? I thought she said reasonable?” Google writer retreats and see what the prices look like. Make sure to note what they include. We did careful research to make sure we could afford to offer this writers retreat. Many retreats have lunch but no other meals, though many more offer only snacks. Few offer accommodations and very few in this idyllic location.

None that I could find are dedicated to writing time. It’s all socializing and sessions and workshops, which to me sounds more like a seminar or a conference. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good conference, but that’s not what we are trying to build. We’re trying to provide an environment for writers to dedicate to writing.


I can’t wait to write with you!

If you have any questions, please send inquiries to If you wish to register, please see the details and the purchasing information here.

Inklings Writers Retreat, November 3-5, 2017, 4pm Friday to 10am Sunday.

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