The Collector 

Book One in the Emergence series

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A curse can be a gift until it makes you the target of a sadistic killer.

Fauna Young owns a small computer repair shop. She lives in a townhouse downtown. She loves to dance with her two best friends in city clubs. From the outside, Fauna’s life looks like any other young professional’s in bustling Houston.

On the inside, Fauna hides a secret. She can read people’s emotions as well as intense memories impressed on everyday objects. She calls it her curse, and she’s never found anyone else like her.

Until Fauna uncovers a statue pieced together with multiple impressions. Hopeful that she’s finally found someone like her, Fauna tracks down the artist only to find his mutilated corpse.

With a serial killer on the loose targeting people like her, Fauna might have ended her solidarity only to cut her life short. Now she must work with a skeptical homicide detective to catch the mad man before she becomes the next victim.

The Healer

Book Two in the Emergence series

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Fauna Young has come to grips with her empathy. What she had considered a curse has proven to be a gift as she helps her new friend, Detective Mateo Flores, with cold cases, bringing closure to families in pain. Her best friends, Amelia and Gina, know about her empathy and have accepted it without question. She’s even in a stable relationship with the perfect man.

Everything is coming up Fauna, until her con artist brother, Forrest, returns to town. Not only does Forrest have a new person with supposed healing abilities under his charm, but mysterious deaths are happening all around him. At the same time, an unidentified illness sickens the homeless population that flocks to the Healer. Fauna knows he’s up to no good, but can’t bring herself to believe he’s a murderer.

If she can’t solve the case, Fauna will be implicated in an old murder from her time as her brother’s partner in scamming wealthy patrons. Since her abilities don’t work on her brother, Fauna can’t fall back on her crutch to discover what’s really going down. Is her brother a killer or another victim caught in the killer’s web? Will Fauna’s newfound peace erupt into chaos as the truth unfolds? 

Maybe empathy is a curse after all.

The Twins

Book Three in the Emergence series

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Fauna never dreamed she’d be part of a true family. Reconciliation with her brothers, acceptance from her best friends, and the romantic potential with Tucker all paint a bright picture. Her computer repair store is more successful than ever and she has a steady gig with Detective Flores solving cold cases. Yet she still has so many questions about where she comes from and why her empathic abilities are expanding.

The tranquil façade shatters when Fauna’s uncle resurfaces—her father’s brother whom her mother was always afraid of—with a pair of adopted twins who apparently can spontaneously start fires. What’s even creepier? Her uncle seems excited when people around the twins are burned to death. Fauna has to find the truth to protect the children and the shaky family she’s built.

While helping Flores clear his innocent cousin of murder, the bodies pile up. Fauna must find a way to stop the twins while protecting them from her scheming uncle. But her uncle has other plans.

Tarbin’s True Heir 

Book One in the Recharging series

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Talia Winterlaus wishes nothing more than to control her own destiny. She longs to serve her people to a greater extent than a politically advantageous marriage. After all, she was the first born, leaving the womb minutes before her brother. She dependably studies and trains harder than her lame excuse for a twin.

Tanin Winterlaus is tired of the king, their father, showering Talia with his affection and praise. Tanin is the heir apparent. He deserves to wear the crown and rule the people without having to play second fiddle to his sister. He can’t wait until she is wed and out of his hair for good.

Their feud comes to a head when Talia is given the chance to participate in the Forging Quest alongside Tanin. They must search the continent in a year long journey to find five jewels lost from the Tarbin crown. In the end, the newly bejeweled crown and the proper blood will choose who wins the title True Heir.

A title that comes with a price neither imagined.

Tarbin’s False Prophet

Book Two in the Recharging series

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Talia had only just learned she’s the True Heir of an ancient city when the astropriests slap her with another title: Bright One. The Holy Gemstones, she traveled the continent to acquire, combined with the Tarbin crown are a Key to work a Machine capable of Recharging the magical power of the entire planet. A year ago, Talia didn’t know magic was real, let alone that there were entire civilizations of magicals hibernating, awaiting the Great Awakening.
Though King Roland thinks Talia is under a foreign influence, her twin, Tanin, knows better. She wants to steal everything that is his by birthright. Intent on her complete destruction, Tanin searches for advanced technology to regain his crown and title. He finds his weapon when he meets a prophet who speaks of the old gods and a bright future. Tanin finds his true calling and vows to stop his sister from rejuvenating the should-be-extinct magicals.

With the help of her guardians, some friendly dwarves, and representatives of the few surviving magicals—elves, dragons, mermaids, and nadph—Talia sets out to defy her upbringing and recreate a diverse world that thrived for millennia. If she fails, the magicals will wither away as the magic dies out and Talia will have no place to call home.

Eclectically Heroic, “The Power To” 

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A superhero outlives his usefulness; a boy finds a magic sword determined to make him a hero; a horse fights for her independence; a dragon rage is defeated; discover these and many more heroic stories in this fifth installment of the Eclectic Writings Series. After exploring carnal delights, criminal pursuits, Vegas getaways, and cosmic adventures, Inklings is sending you on a trip through the many definitions of heroism. Eclectic veteran authors include Dorothy Tinker, Cathy Clay, Emerson Adair, Verstandt, and Fern Brady who join a host of new members into our fold. Grab your cape and mount your noble steed as you embark on this heroic journey!

Eclectically Magical, “The King of the Frogs”

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In this volume of the Eclectic Writing series you will find stories filled with magic. Struggle with Mike and Melika as they try to train an unruly bath ma; discover the consequences of Ana’s sneezes; follow Merlin on his ride through space in a Hoshi Chair; and join Jane in her nightly meetings of the Inhuman Resources Department. Like all the other anthologies in this volume, you will find eclectic stories that present the theme of magic in new and unusual ways.


Winter Whimsy: Eleven Tales of Childlike Wonder, “The Trapped Spirits of Yekaterin”

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If autumn marks the season of change, then the season of speculation begins with winter–a time to dream, a time to wonder. Winter Whimsy is a breathtaking collection of tales from eleven worlds; when the season brings both snow and otherworldly phenomena, eleven curious minds are called to explore the anomalies with wonder and awe.

As the snow quietly blankets the earth, a meteor soars overhead and becomes the buzz of a small town. An ice fairy attack leads to an unexpected and bizarre truth. A nighttime drive down a snow-covered road leads to the discovery of mysterious, orb-like lights. An empathic painter slips further and further into an ethereal state in which her waking life and dreams become blurred.

What does it all mean? What dangers lurk beneath all the whimsy and wonderment?

A free-spirited girl creates a snow angel at dusk, soon learning her actions may have summoned an ancient evil. A peculiar basket arrives at the doorstep of a mountain ogress. A witch-apprentice and her mentor trek deep into a forest rumored to hold a host of disturbed spirits. A young elf takes his frail brother to see his first snowfall despite his father’s warnings about the dangers of the land.

An orphan train, a Yuletide blizzard, and phantasmagoria: in this collection of speculative fiction tales, the strange and new abound.

Cursed Collectibles: An Anthology, “The Empath”

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Spend an afternoon antiquing and it’s not hard to figure out why picking has become one of America’s fondest pastimes. It’s treasure hunting while connecting with history. But what if those treasures hunt us back?

From old books, to vinyl records, antique mirrors, vintage figurines, or a Bob’s Big Boy piggy bank, curses have no limits.

Featuring stories from D.J. Butler, Joy Auburn, Martin L. Shoemaker, Jessica Guernsey, John D. Payne, Jen Bair, Karen Pellett, Steve Ruskin, Tanya Hales, Lauren Lang, Frank Morin, Mike Jack Stoumbous, Kelly Lynn Colby, Jace Killan, Jo Schneider, Gama Ray Martinez, Martin Greening, Chris Abela, A.J. Mayall, Heidi A. Wilde, Shannon Fox, Lauryn Christopher, and Mark Leslie.

Legend of Dorks Presents: Laundered – An Anthology of Monster Messes, “Sacrificed”

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For your reading enjoyment, Legion of Dorks presents an anthology exploring monsters, the messes they make, and the people responsible for cleaning them up. 

The multifarious collection includes: 
An adorable pink monster who risks the political ambitions of her babysitter when her insatiable appetite upsets the entire community 
When a soul is taken prematurely, Death must fix the error before the entire Master Plan unravels 
A dragon who kidnaps his housekeeper 
A prisoner on work release is forced to ask who the real monsters are 
The magical realm where a fae detective must clean up the mess of her politically motivated mother 
And more. 

All proceeds, after cost of production, go to the LoD Gaming and Giving Charity Drive. Check out to find out who they’re raising money for this year. Grab your mops, don your hazmat suits, and dive into the adventure!