First draft of Gabriella and Periwinkle Complete

Drum roll, please!

I made it!!! The first draft of Gabriella and Periwinkle is complete. Not only did I get those five chapters written, I added another chapter earlier to explain how magic works in this world.

How did I do this thing I was convinced I couldn’t do? My amazing, awesome, supportive family. Remember how I said I couldn’t go hide in a cabin in the woods? Well, my family stepped up and did the next best thing. They left me alone.

I still did the normal morning routine. Dad took care of horseback riding lessons and picking Xander up from school. Kevin took care of dinners and Boy Scouts. By some miracle, I did not have any meetings. And voila, I have a complete manuscript!

I have written two books! (Apparently, I must use LOTS of exclamation marks in this post. You know, for emphasis, because I am felling awesome!) Neither of these books are ready for general consumption. One thing at a time. Nevertheless, I am hitting milestones and I’ll take any progress I can make!

This week I need to outline Tarbin’s False Prophet, the sequel to Tarbin’s True Heir. I’m adding the Case of the Fallen Dragon to Scrivener which will be the first installment of the third series. Yes, that puts three series in rotation. I have a fourth in my head, but I think three is sufficient for now. If I can get three books out a year, I definitely chose the correct profession. The writers I most admire can publish five a year. That amount of productivity boggles my mind. Perhaps once the kids have sprouted their wings?

I’ve registered for a writer’s retreat with Inklings Publishing, where I will be able to get feedback for Gabriella and Periwinkle. My goal is to get the first revision complete by the time I meet with an agent the last weekend in April. If you’re curious which work this is, check out my previous post with the sample:

If you like what you’ve read and would be interested in beta reading the rest of the story, please let me know through this post, Twitter or Facebook. I would love the feedback and all readers will receive a signed copy of the book! (Had to throw in one more exclamation point.)

I am reading Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. (My son and I are in an argument on whether this is the SAME Joe Ledger from the Rot and Ruin series. In my head, the two don’t look alike at all, but I would have to go back to the YA series to read the description again. Does anyone know for sure?)

I purchased this book, first in a series, because the author was running a contest for the readers to add a team member, including name, description and character traits. The winner gets her creation added to the next Joe Ledger novel as well as a mention in the credits. The contest ended on March 3oth, smack in the middle of my must-do-nothing-but-write time. Yet, I bought the book anyway in the delusion that maybe… Let’s face it. You got me, Mr. Maberry. Well played.

Regardless of my motivation for buying the book, I was hooked from the first paragraph. I’ve only scratched the surface of this book and I’m already looking forward to reading the whole series. This man knows how to craft character and tension. Fair warning for Rot and Ruin fans, this is NOT a YA novel. An aggressive sex scene a couple chapters in makes that very clear.

patient zero

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