Newsletter Conundrum

I’m almost done with book two, TARBIN’S FALSE PROPHET. If I would quit adding chapters, I’d already be finished. I need a better outline next time.

The cover is in the hands of the very talented Stefanie Saw. I will share that soon.

At this point, it’s time to promote book two by begging for reviews for book one as well as offering Advanced Reader Copies or ARCs for fans. I’m looking for people who loved book one and would like to get an ARC of book two for which I request an honest and fair review.

Everything sounds great, you say. What’s the problem, you ask?

Well, HOW do I get this information out? Most experts recommend using a newsletter to spread the word. I have a newsletter. I only send out information once a month because I don’t want to overwhelm fans who are likely fans of other authors and don’t want to read 900 of these babies a day.

I only have 5 followers. That is the real problem. Apparently, plopping the link onto my website isn’t as effective as I was hoping. You’d think more people would want to click on the adorable dragon on the right side of the screen.

Though I shouldn’t be horribly surprised since my Girl Scout posts are WAY more popular than anything else. (I need to get started on a Girl Scout book.)

Now, I’m grateful for my loyal fans. You are the foundation of my career. Many of you are writers as well and I’ve enjoyed watching your career as well. What I need are more fans of epic fantasy. What’s the point of bringing to life all of these characters in my head and then painstakingly revising their stories until it makes sense for who they are, if no one reads it. I hope, the fans of Tarbin, both present and future, get hours of enjoyment from my these adventures.

But how do I find them to introduce them to this fascinating world?

That’s the question every writer I know struggles with. Once you get a healthy following, you can exchange newsletters with other writers in your genre. I’m not there yet. Does anyone have suggestions? What have you tried?

I’m thinking about a giveaway with cool dragon and fantasy pieces, the kind of stuff that would appeal to my core audience. What do you think of that idea?

Meanwhile, who wants to be an ARC for TARBIN’S FALSE PROPHET. It will be available by end of May which means you’ll get to read it four months in advance of its release in September. If you’re interested, please email me at kelly at kellylynncolby dot com.

Oh, and if you’ve read TARBIN’S TRUE HEIR and would like to leave a review, here’s the link: For everyone who already has, I offer my thanks. The best thing you can do for an author is leave a review. The new digital world makes them necessary for readers to find your novel. The more a book has, the more visible it is on the selling platform.

Little bit by little bit, right?

Addendum: I was told it’s quite difficult to find the link for my newsletter on the phone. I’m adding it here, per advice, so it’s easier for anyone reading this. Thank you, Bryan!

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