Query Away

My first query letter has been sent. It took me hours to construct as I continuously consulted Query Shark to see if I was making any huge blunders.

If you have not visited Query Shark, you must visit. Even if you’re not a writer or plan on self publishing, it is an entertaining site. The agent commenting on the queries is both brilliant and hilarious. Her snarky comments ease the pain a bit.

Here is my first query letter. Let me know what you think!

“Twelve-year-old Gabriella loves her life in rural Heidel. Every morning she bakes bread for the town. Every Tuesday she churns butter. She skips through her nightly chores, sweeping floors and washing tables. Someday, the innkeeper’s daughter would run the inn. It’s all she ever dreamed of.

The first dragon hatchling in generations drops into Gabriella’s life. The encounter terrifies her. When she finds she can talk with him telepathically, she decides to keep the orphaned dragon and names him Periwinkle.

Fourteen-year-old King Raenan believes himself a legendary dragon rider, chosen to defeat the enemy kingdom responsible for his father’s death. He must life-bond with a baby dragon to fulfill his destiny. One of his knights finds Periwinkle in Heidel and bands the townspeople together to capture the hatchling.

The knight’s squire reveals himself to be a wizard, sworn to protect dragons. He tells Gabriella to take Periwinkle, who is too young to go on his own, to the Dragon Sanctuary.

As the dragon and girl leave Heidel behind, Gabriella wonders if her life will ever be the same again. Is she an innkeeper’s daughter or is she a dragon rider?

The Innkeeper’s Daughter: An Ella and Wink Story is a MG fantasy complete at 50,000 words. The beginning chapters and synopsis from this novel won for best fantasy / sci-fi in the 2015 Houston Writers Guild Spring Contest.

Thank you for considering my work.”



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