Monday Complete, 50% done with the week


Monday at my last day camp as director. This is the day of camp I will not miss when I step down. The best part about Monday at camp: there’s only one. The first day of camp is such a feat, I claim to be 50% done with the week when we survive it.

I arrived at camp a breath after 7am when camp does not start until 9am. I scrambled the entire two hours to try and get everything done that I need to get done. With 250 people at camp this year, the biggest turn out ever, there was quite a bit to get ready. We still haven’t found the magically disappearing markers that we used Sunday night. They have crossed over to the world of not-to-be-seen-again-craft-supplies-until-the-last-day-of-camp-when-you-no-longer-need-them. Many a box of scissors, case of safety pins, and packages of glue have fallen through this crevice.

Let’s talk weather. The heat index only made it feel like 104 degrees. No biggie. Overheated children bogged down our poor nurse. Luckily, she’s a trooper.

Carline is challenging any year with the overexcited girls eager to go home and regale their parents about the adventures they had at camp. Listening for their carline number to make this desire come true, however, does not seem to be a part of the plan. This year with 60 more people than normal, getting girls in and out of their vehicles is proving to be a bit of a fiasco. We think we have a fix to make it flow smoothly tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Overall, camp was a lot of fun today for the girls. And that’s what it’s all about. They wore their crazy hats, sang their silly songs, made a cool sled, and played a penguin game. The girls sewed ten dresses for Africa, (Go, Phadrea!) survived an obstacle course, and shot some arrows. What a team of adults we have to make all of this come true for the girls!

In other Girl Scouting news, the Cadettes from Troop 13405 (all of which made it through Monday at camp) showed up eager to work more to feed two homeless families as part of the IHN program (see earlier post). These girls put together a fabulous meal without complaining about how tired they were or how much their feet hurt or anything. There was a bit of that complaining going on, but it was from the adults (myself included). I am very lucky to know these remarkable young people!


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