Girl Scouting offers something for adults too


Northampton Day Camp 2014 Orientation is two days away. I am NOWHERE near ready. This is my last year as director. I have decided to step down to dedicate more time to other endeavors. The fact that I’m not ready and ridiculously stressed out is enough proof that I made the correct decision. I will still volunteer for day camp; it’s one of my favorite aspects of Girl Scouting. But it will be in a lesser capacity.

Next week is Girl Scout dense. Monday night after the first hectic day at camp, the cadettes of our troop will be feeding three homeless families as part of the Interhospitality Network program hosted by the church where we meet, Klein United Methodist Church. On Friday, our troop is going to the circus. What a week!

Obviously, I love this ride I am on or I would get off. I have been in Girl Scouts my whole life with only a brief hiatus while I was in the Navy. Watching the girls grow and explore their world as I did when I was a girl member thrills me. It makes all the work and stress and frustration well worth it.

I benefit as well. I’ve had the opportunity to spend the night on the USS Lexington, at Sea World, at the Downtown Aquarium, at the Houston Zoo, and in myriad Girl Scouts camps. We have received discount tickets (such as to the circus next week) and backstage tours. I have seen adults grow and prosper through the Girl Scout program along with their daughters. My closest friends have come from volunteering for Girl Scouts. You meet the most exceptional people from many walks of life with many different skills. My life would not be as vibrant without these experiences.

How do you benefit from your Girl Scout volunteering?

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