How do you know when the story’s done?

I have combed through “Larry and his Ghost” making numerous editorial changes, debating each word and sentence structure. Nancy Katz pulled time aside to read through it as well, correcting some things I missed. Thank you, Nancy!

I still don’t think it’s perfect. I’m not even sure the story is exactly what I intended to create. I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience yet to define what I want to do and to cut out a path to make it happen. I found the limited number of words allowed forced me to be more precise in my descriptions, but I also had to cut out large sections of the story that added depth to the characters.

I found a contest and publication called Glimmer Train. If I read them correctly, they publish works of fiction as well as encourage entrants by new,unpublished writers. So, I sent “Larry and his Ghost” to Glimmer Train. I hope it is good enough for publication as a new writer. All I have to lose is $22. And if everything I’ve heard is correct, I will be rejected numerous times before anyone agrees to print my work. Let the rejections begin! The quicker I can wade through this depressing stage, the quicker I can get to my published work in my hands.

I’m at the Houston Museum of Natural Science with the kids. They are attending Girl and Boy Scout day camp to earn badges and have fun. I’m treating this week as a vacation where I can hide in a corner and type away. Yes, this is my new career: author. I’m enjoying the creative process immensely fostering a vacation-feel when I am allowed to indulge and spend time in my pretend worlds with my pretend people.

Wish me luck!

Here’s a story about a carnivorous unicorn and a nerd who learns he comes from a long line of powerful wizards. Every kid’s dream, right? Well, not so much with this one. I enjoyed the humor, giggling quite a bit as I walked through it. I believe it would have made a much better adult book, however. Sometimes, the jokes fell a bit flat because they did not go far enough, but the humor could not go any further and still be a YA novel.

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