Houston Museum of Natural Science

I am having a glorious week! The week full of relaxation has turned into an incredibly productive time. I LOVE happy little surprises. This kind of discipline brought on by a steady schedule and a destination to work instead of trying to eek out a few hours here and there with no guidance has been stress-relieving. I am feeling more hopeful to my future than I have in quite some time.

We get up at 0630. (The military in me will not die. You should see me write the date: 30JUL14.) Amelia, our young dog, and I wake up the kids and set them on the get-ready trajectory. I jump in the shower while listening to a Nerdist podcast. (Go, Chris Hardwick! I love ya!) I get dressed, make sure our lunches are prepared, and do a bit of housework (Today I put up the clean dishes and washed some of the hand dishes. Sadly, there were too many to get them all done.) Then on the road.

We get to the Houston Museum of Natural Science around 0900. I drop off the kids, then come to the McDonald’s because they have wifi and go through my four email accounts for about an hour to catch up. Check on Facebook and write a blog. If I have time left before lunch, I do some paperwork.

Then I go outside to the peaceful tables facing the butterfly exhibit, munch on my lunch, and read a bit. (I’m trying to get through four books before DragonCon written by the authors who will be running the Writer’s Workshop.) I only give myself an hour; otherwise, I’ll never leave.

Then I travel to the second floor to an Overlook built to view the extensive fossil exhibit. I can see t-rexes, trilobites, pterodactyls, and mammoths from my perch. There is a plug; it’s relatively quiet and dark; most museum visitors run to the edge than leave. The only downside is no chair; so, I sit on the floor with my laptop propped on my lunch bag.

This is what I see as I sit and type my fantasy novel. Incredible! I might have to add some mammoths.

I have completed two, almost three, chapters in two days. And I’m only up there for about two hours a day. I’ve NEVER been this productive. I might have to make this my permanent office. I bring my lunch. I’m a HMNS member making entrance free. I even found free parking by the zoo a half a block down the road. The only cost would be gas money here and back each day. Let’s see if I stay this productive all week,then we can calculate and make a decision.

My book recommendation today is inspired by the fantastic display of evolution I am privileged to admire this week as I construct my novel. Dr. Shubin writes in a light style for such a heavy subject. He beautifully illustrates the links between species presenting evidence for the gradual change over time between one kind of animal to the next. Also, it was not terribly long. Quite a relief. I find some nonfiction books to repeat themselves over and over again as try to drill their facts into you. Dr. Shubin presents the evidence, then walks away. Love it!

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