Woot! First Short Story complete!

I have officially completed my first short story including the editing process which I found painful to say the least. The completed story used 8105 words which I needed to cut down to 7000. I successfully reached 6999. Yes!

I have sent it to Nancy Katz to see what she thinks. I’m going to print it out and send it to Jody Lynn Nye as my sample of writing for the Writing Seminar at DragonCon. I’m not confident it is the best writing I can do, but I certainly learn more and more as I continue to construct sentences. I am anxious to hear expert advice allowing me to hone my skills. I have myriad stories I wish to tell. Yet, often I stare at the keyboard struggling for every word I type. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block. I know who my characters are. I know where I want the story to go, though I’m not attached to my original analysis of events. My hesitation comes from lack of confidence in my ability to find the correct words to express the nuances of the vision in my head.

The seminars I previously attended warned that writing is a skill, not a gift. I will become a published writer through discipline and practice. This week has proven I can do it. Even this crazy week filled with day camp preparation, I still managed to squeeze time out to finish this story; Larry and His Ghost. Title is up for debate. I am not in love with the finished product, but I am thrilled to have completed something successfully. Eeking out a book chapter by chapter is a painful process for one who is not sure she can finish. Mixing in these short stories should give me small victories allowing me to take that momentum into the next chapter.

Want to be inspired by a character who never gives up regardless of the odds stacked against her? I introduce you to Rachel Morgan, a earth witch living in an urban fantasy where witches, werewolves, and vamps openly live with humans. Rachel’s roommates, a living vampire and a pixie with his family, work with the witch as bounty hunters and any other job the wealthy residents of Cincinnati are willing to pay for. I’m on the fifth book in the series and am enthralled with the andrenaline junky that is Rachel Morgan. Let me know what you think!

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