Friends Working Towards Being Writers

I cannot stop picking at my legs. I am re-staining my kitchen table a dark walnut to match the modern feel of the house better than the light oak color that screams 80’s. I’m usually not neat about such projects, but decided I needed to look more professional. So, I’ve been wearing gloves to keep my hands pristine. Why am I picking at my legs? you ask. Well, my old lady hips won’t allow me to bend over while I’m applying stain to the chair legs which means I am sitting on the cement of our drive way to have access without becoming crippled. Side effect? My legs end up directly under where I’m working. Now I have beautiful I-don’t-work-for-a-living fingers and terribly blotched, patchy, disease-looking legs. Good thing I can wear pants.Oh, wait! It’s 907 degrees outside and we have horseback riding lessons. Of course, we do. Who said life was supposed to be easy?

In the writing world, I handed over my first edit of a friend’s short story. I hope I was helpful. I loved the story and hope she does well with it. It’s an interesting task to comb through a close friend’s work. I want to give her my true opinions, but don’t want to hurt her feelings either. Luckily, we are very good friends and the story had a theme I could relate to. Therefore, I did not have any issue running through it with a pen. I don’t know anymore than she does anyway. We are lifelong readers with our toes poised over the writing water wanting to jump, but afraid of sharks.

Last week, I had lunch with another friend who is in the midst of writing his first novel. We’ll call him Uncle. We spent four hours talking about stories, sharing each other’s work, catching up on life’s events. Uncle and I are hoping to make it a regular event to keep ourselves continuously adding black lines to white screens. We had steak and he paid. That means it’s my turn to pay next time. Set the date, Uncle, quickly, before DragonCon. Afterwards, I will be completely broke.

I finished reading An Unexpected Apprentice by Jody Lynn Nye, the author leading the Writer’s Workshop I’m attending at DragonCon. I thought I should read something by her since I will be heeding her advice quite soon. I hope you like it!

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