The Collector – A Paranormal Thriller

I am so freaking excited for this book’s release. The Collector is different from anything I’ve done before. It’s a paranormal thriller about an empath who discovers an artist is proof that she’s not the only one, just in time to find his mutilated body. This idea has been ruminating in my head for years.

Here’s the full back cover copy if you’re intrigued:

A curse can be a gift until it makes you the target of a sadistic killer.

Fauna Young owns a small computer repair shop. She lives in a townhouse downtown. She loves to dance with her two best friends in city clubs. From the outside, Fauna’s life looks like any other young professional’s in bustling Houston.

On the inside, Fauna hides a secret. She can read people’s emotions as well as intense memories impressed on everyday objects. She calls it her curse, and she’s never found anyone else like her.

Until Fauna uncovers a statue pieced together with multiple impressions. Hopeful that she’s finally found someone like her, Fauna tracks down the artist only to find his mutilated corpse.

With a serial killer on the loose targeting people like her, Fauna might have ended her solidarity only to cut her life short. Now she must work with a skeptical homicide detective to catch the mad man before she becomes the next victim.

Sounds amazing, right? I’ve surprised myself. If you’re as intrigued was I am, come to the book launch on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8pm Central on You’ll get to meet my cover artist, my developmental editor, and my copyeditor.

Can’t wait another minute? You can get your copy now: Or anywhere paperbacks are sold. The audiobook is in production and will be available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon. The talented Brianna Roberts is bringing the world alive.

When I searched for paranormal suspense, this Jenga image came up. So it must be appropriate, right? I’ll have to put Jenga in the next novel.

I’ve already started the second novel in this Emergence series: The Healer. It’s so much fun to play in a different world from Tarbin. I think you’ll sense the enthusiasm for the work when you dive in. Plus, it makes it more fun to hit Tarbin’s Great Awakening which is just about drafted.

Being a writer has its ups and downs, just like any other creative endeavor. Moments like these, when you finally get to present a work you’re so darn proud, are some of the best. I can’t wait until you meet Fauna and Flores.

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