Cover Reveal for Angeline Trevena’s The Bottle Stopper

Typically, I recommend a book at the end of my blog to share the joy I have found in reading. Today, I have the great opportunity to introduce you to a novel I have not read yet. It’s all very exciting! I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.

Angeline Trevena

Angeline Trevena, whom I follow on Twitter (@angelinetrevena) as part of my writer circle, asked her fellow bloggers if they would like to host a post featuring the cover art for her new novel. I stared at the request, frozen. Mixed feelings of opportunity and terror circled in my thoughts until I found I had agreed to help before I had actually made a decision.

Completely unprepared to accept my responsibility, imagine my relief when Ms. Trevena sent me a press release along with the cover of her novel, The Bottle Stopper.

“Currently available for pre-order on Kindle, this tense adult horror tracks the story of Maeve, as she devises a murderous plan to free herself from her violent, abusive uncle.

The Bottle Stopper, the first book of The Paper Duchess series, is set 100 years after the world we know today, in a society where the birth rate of girls is at a catastrophic low. Desperate for protection, women turned to the state, but that protection came at a price. Namely; their freedom

Maeve lives outside of the overbearing administration, in the slums of Falside. Having been torn from the arms of her mother at six years old, Maeve, now seventeen, works in her uncle’s apothecary shop, bottling his medicines. But these are not medicines that are going to make anyone better. In fact, once Maeve puts her plan into action, they may well be deadly.”

I am intrigued. I perused her website, which is much more sophisticated than mine. (It’s time to step it up!) I’ve copied her bio from the website.

“Angeline Trevena was born and bred in a rural corner of Devon, but now lives among the breweries and canals of central England. She is a horror and fantasy author, poet and journalist. In 2003 she graduated from Edge Hill University, Lancashire, with a BA Hons degree in Drama and Writing. During this time she decided that her future lay in writing words rather than performing them. The most unlikely of horror writers, Angeline is scared of just about everything, and still can’t sleep in a fully dark room. She goes weak at the sight of blood, can’t share a room with a spider, but does have a streak of evil in her somewhere. Some years ago she worked at an antique auction house and religiously checked every wardrobe that came in to see if Narnia was in the back of it. She’s still not given up looking for it.”

It looks like The Bottle Stopper is her first full novel, though she has published a novella and some short stories. Most interesting, Ms. Trevena’s latest blog is titled, “Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Dosed up on Doubt.” I LOVE it. I’ve been milling over starting a critique group and I might have to use this title.

Help support this hardworking author by pre-ordering her debut novel:

I know the featured image does not work for everyone; so, here is the thought provoking cover for The Bottle Stopper by Angeline Trevena. The picture alone sparks stories in my eager fingertips. I can’t to take the journey the author has prepared.

The Bottle Stopper by Angeline Trevena


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