Happy Easter

We had a relaxing Easter weekend with family. We completed practically no housework and my word count did not increase significantly. But the time with family is irreplaceable.

We spent Saturday at Kevin’s parents house where the kids dyed eggs, played in the heated pool (still too chilly) and drew imaginative chalk creations on the driveway. I took lots of pics with my new phone. Enjoy!

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AlWP_20150404_013yssa’s birthday was last weekend so we celebrated her as well with a Grandma made cake! She’s such a smart young lady, no more little girl.



For Easter Sunday, Jenna decided she wanted to search for hidden eggs. It’s a tradition we abandoned a few years ago when Jenna figured out the whole Santa Claus myth and applied it to the other fictionals. Sometimes, raising your kids to think for themselves backfires. Though it was a relief to know we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and hide eggs. Instead, we woke up at a reasonable 8:30am to stuff candy in eggs. We sent the kids to walk the dogs while we hid them in the house. Benefit to a messy house? Makes it increasingly easy to hide tiny pastel candy holders. Xander got into the spirit and had as much fun as his sister.

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Tomorrow, it’s back to work! My word count is still good because I was so far ahead. But I don’t want to have too many zero days. I only have a few chapters left to complete the rough draft. It’s exciting and terrifying!

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