Cookie Cupboard Delivery

Holy moly! Did I know what I was getting into? I’m not even sure I will truly know until the season is over.

For those of you who do not know, my family (because I cannot do it alone) has volunteered to be a cookie cupboard. The demand is so high in our area for cookies, that the one cookie cupboard we had was busier than the post office during tax season. To help relieve the pressure on Kristen and Ken, we agreed to host 1000 cases, yes cases, not boxes, of Girl Scout cookies in our dining room. That was the easy part, if you ignore the bruises from carrying those cookies from the semi.

cookies 6 cookies 4

The semi held 2500 cases for Kristen’s house which is where this picture was taken. I was much amused watching the driver back his massive truck down a street full of cars eager to get their kids to school. I don’t think the parents shared my glee. We tried to get out of the way as quickly as we could! It’s for a good cause; I promise. Would you like a cookie?

cookies 5

What I have learned thus far:

1. Stacking is important. You need to lean the cookies against the wall to prevent a cookie cascade.

2. Have water and snacks available for your volunteers. The pleasant weather at our first delivery might give a false sense of comfort, but this is Houston. It won’t last.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. You might think the street is exceptionally close to your dining room, until you traverse the steps hundreds of times with your arms full of cookies.

4. Never again volunteer yourself! Okay. I haven’t learned this one yet. I am unlikely to pick it up any time soon.

The real sacrifices? We’ve lost one of our tables for game night. And the house smells like peanut butter when I’m trying to eat properly. Sigh.

cookies 2 Cookies 1

My current dining room. We left some room at one window so Amelia could still bark at random people walking across the street.

Benefits? I don’t have to vacuum. I can’t get to the carpet. And the troops in the area have another option for creating success for their girls.

I will tell you. I know why volunteers are not paid. Because no one could afford them. The amazing women and men who make this madness happen to support the largest girl-led business in the country are PRICELESS.

Anyone need cookies? Ask your local Girl Scout! They need your support!

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