Last Day as Northampton Day Camp Director


Mixed emotions. That’s what I’m experiencing. I am relieved to not have the great responsibility that is director of a large day camp. Yet, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m the guardian of camp and have to make sure it stays alive and flourishing.

The transition is made easier knowing that the director taking over after me, Bella, is experienced, capable, and fun. The three most important elements for our day camp! Our staff is shifting, including myself, into different roles as we add a few extra dedicated volunteers to fill out the ranks. Organizing and running a 9am-3pm day camp from Monday through Friday with 250 people attending takes months of planning and many hands on deck to complete.

My last responsibilities as director: complete end of camp paperwork, wrap up party with the committee to discuss the evaluations and patch designs and the general how-did-everything-go, final meeting at council.

The last day at camp had me in tears (would have been a deluge if I wasn’t so dehydrated). The whole camp made scrapbook pages for me that Bella put together. The first page has a picture of me from a few years ago sticking my tongue out at the camera. Laughing and crying on the last day. Thanks a LOT, Bella!

Rodger Roger and idk with sewing assistance from Ruby and Trixie put together a quilt with the six t-shirts from my years as director. It’s beautiful and what I have always wanted. I’m going to display the quilt in the large art niche by the door. The space has been blank since we moved in because I wanted something special to hang in the spot, not a random print out of a generic whatever. This t-shirt memoir is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Now I hope it fits…..

The most precious gift of all, however, came from my daughter. Bella asked both my children to do a scrapbook page for me to add to the book. Jenna printed a bunch of old pictures and decoupaged them on a sheet with her scribbling little notes around each. On one picture of her and me, she wrote, “All the things you do reflect on my life and my life is wonderful.”

Swapping on the last day. One of my favorite traditions!

Thank you, Northampton MUD, for putting up with the screaming girls for another year. Your park is a BIG reason our camp is so popular!

I can’t believe the quilt was put together so quickly without me having a clue. Obviously, I need to keep a closer eye on my staff. 😛


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