First Writing Contest Admission

It’s official. I have sent the Prologue and First Chapter of my first novel Tarbin’s True Heir to my very first writing contest. The Houston Writers Guild is running the contest and promises to give feedback on both the synopsis and the book sample.

Synopsis: “a brief or condensed statement giving a general view of some subject”. Thank you, Not helpful at all. I thought a synopsis was the brief description on the back of a paperback or inside sleeve of a hardback. You know, the part that tells you how much you want to read the novel by enticing you with little tidbits without giving too much away.

WRONG! In writer’s world, a synopsis is the entirety of your book summed up in 500 words or less (for this particular contest, it does vary) which spells out EVERYTHING that happens in your book. Don’t hold back. Who knew something so seemingly simple could cause me such angst?

I researched suggested techniques and read sample synopses to get a feel for what I should be crafting. As I distilled my picturesque, character-driven world into its basic elements, I found bits of my plot wanting. My official outline is fifteen pages long consisting of 5700 words. This tiny 500 word snip-it of my vision brought me more clarity than the detailed outline. Not only did I get my first chance at tackling a synopsis, I believe I will also get a more refined finished product from my book.

So, win or lose, taking the leap alone has brought me closer to my dream of becoming a published writer.

The series that sparked my love of fantasy. A boy I had a crush on in seventh grade gave me the first book. I don’t remember his name, but he changed my life that day.

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  1. Nancy Katz says:

    I am so excited for you!! Now I need to get in there and finish my short story and enter too.