Good News for Paranormal Thriller fans

The Healer is ready for your reading and listening pleasure. This book is a continuation of Fauna Young’s journey from The Collector where she thinks she’s the only empath until she uncovers evidence of another who can read memories left on objects. When she goes to meet him, he’s been murdered and Fauna might be next. For book two, Fauna has found some stability with a group of empaths and her supportive friends. Then her brother storms back into town with a new con. Life is never easy when you’re an empath.

To celebrate the release of book two, the ebook of book one is free for ONE WEEK ONLY. Get your copy Nov 28th through Dec 2nd here. While you’re there, go ahead and pick up The Healer at $4.99 here.

For all of you who prefer audio, The Healer is now available wherever you get your audiobooks. Brianna Roberts narrated both The Collector and The Healer and I couldn’t imagine anyone capturing Fauna’s voice more authentically.

Still not convinced? Check out the book launch and see why I’m so excited about this world and these characters.

Yes, I look crazy. It happens in every one of these freeze frames. It’s my signature at this point.

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Please leave reviews wherever you get your books. It’s a special gift to the author.

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