Dragon Con Adventures

There’s nothing like Dragon Con. Nothing. You’ve got a huge group of creatives who get together to accept and encourage one another. The people you meet here become friends for life. I had such a long list of people to visit with, I didn’t even get to see them all and didn’t spend nearly enough time with those I did manage to see.

Sadly, I didn’t take hardly enough pictures. I told my amateur photographer daughter that she needed to come next year so she can take all the pictures.

Writers Meet Up

For content creators, there are few conventions as diverse as Dragon Con. You’ve got the Writer Track, Digital Media Track, Animation Track, Costuming Track, Puppetry, Robotics, and so much more. It’s a networking dream come true. So many of us have dreamed of making our living with our hobby. This unique event allows us to meet those who already are. We exchange business cards, ask those burning questions we can’t find the answers for anywhere else, and realize it’s all possible.

In that vein, we host the Writers Meet Up on Friday night at Dragon Con and invite every writer we see, even those just beginning to consider the dream. It’s a time to lift each other up and exchange submission opportunities we’ve heard about.

And that’s just the free stuff. If you’re willing to put in a few bucks, you could take a make up class or a sewing class or a writing class or an acting class or an art class. There are so many extra offerings, I don’t even know what they all are. The opportunities feel endless.


The cosplay at Dragon Con is unmatched. I don’t have enough pics, but I have some impressive examples to give you a taste.

Friends and Family

Naturally, as I began this blog, I talked about how friends and family are the best part. I’m lucky enough that I have a large number of family and close friends who come every year. This is just a glimpse.

Left to right: My brother Roger, his wife Cara, my mom Pam, my other mom Vicky, me, and my husband Kevin.
Half of our Writing Wrongs D&D crew. Back row left to right: Zaefin (Kevin), Master Fault (Greg), and Oddmar (Kevin). Front row Bertta Battleaxe (Pam) in full regalia and Captain Wyvern (me). Not pictured Dolli (Jess), Valtrex (Jessica), and Ishanas (Dave).
Stephen from Horseshoes and Hand Grenades podcast and the Legion of Dorks community with his adorable son and Dave’s head. (We met Stephen at Dragon Con and we’ve been fast friends ever since.)

Eclectic Fun

Overall, if you’re looking to learn, party, eat, meet people, people watch, and generally have the time of your life, I’d highly recommend Dragon Con. It will always have a place in my heart. In 2013 at my first one, I attended a panel with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta about writing professionally. On my way home, I wrote my first beginning to end short story. From that moment on, I took writing seriously. Now I’ve published three books (fourth one launches in November), published almost a dozen short stories, won three writing awards, freelance edited dozens of books, and founded a publishing company. All of that developed from a spark that lit at Dragon Con.

We’ll see you in 2023.

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