The Not Blog Week

I have been playing Solitaire on my computer for an hour. I’m supposed to be writing this blog. But I’m out, drained, empty. The last six weeks have been nonstop, filled with a Cadette journey, Daisy Journey, Boy Scout Court of Honor, french horn lessons, two horse shows, Junior badge workshop, Klein Trails Grand Prix, solo and ensemble competition, and cookies. Oh, the cookies!

For the first three weeks, I kept up with my writing and the blog. The house slipped into dishevel, but not quite over into condemned.

Even as items were crossed off, the stress increased. With the tendency to concentrate on the closest activity, the planning for the next event was put off until the last minute. By the final event, the “last minutes” were used up. I was flying by the seat of my pants and the dedication of the volunteers around me, including my dear husband.

By tonight, we have no clean dishes, no clean clothes. I am behind on my writing and my scouting paperwork. My email inbox and my personal to-do list have grown into a unique stress monster. I am looking forward to the relatively quiet next two weeks so I can tackle the backlog and find the carpet in my bedroom. I’m pretty sure it’s still there.

Please forgive this short blog. I wanted to keep at least one consistency, but had nothing left to offer.

The books I’m reading……. Did you read the post? I am in the midst of the last three I blogged about. I have not had time to finish one, let alone begin a new adventure. I’m adventured out.

I can tell you American Gods is some of the best storytelling I have ever experienced. Vivid, imaginative, and fun. The Ancestor’s Tale teaches me something new every time I turn a page. Truly inspiring. I haven’t gotten far into Flying the Dragon, though I’ve read enough to be annoyed with the American protagonist Skye and her attitude toward her Japanese cousin. The normal teenage reaction to peer pressure tends to grate on my nerves. That’s nothing new.

The lesson here is to Read More Books. Even with my crazy existence, I squeeze in words every night before I go to bed. Lately, it has not been enough to rejuvenate me. Still, the stories keep me motivated to experience adventures of my own.

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