USS Lexington Live Aboard and Morning at the Texas State Aquarium

If you are looking for a fun and easy-to-plan weekend trip from Houston, I recommend spending the night on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi.

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Last weekend, troop 13405 traveled the four hours to Corpus to participate in the Live Aboard program. We decided to make it a family event since it was the last adventure as a troop of younger and older scouts. I LOVE taking the girls on these adventures. They used their cookie money to pay for the $49 to overnight on the aircraft carrier, which included dinner and breakfast.

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While on the ship, the girls explored World War II memorabilia, watched a 3D movie about NASA’s plans for Mars, explored the ship with a scavenger hunt and sat through terrifying ghost stories. An incredible adventure for every age level. The ship itself was quite hot, but the sleeping quarters were comfortably air conditioned. We slept in the same bunks the sailors did before the ship was de-commissioned.

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The coolest part of this, our second trip as a troop? ONLY Girl Scouts were aboard. Our troop of 23 girls and one other troop with 10 girls. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts tend to go on this trip more than Girl Scouts. When people talk about the Live Aboard program, you hear them say that their Cub Scout went or their pack went years ago. I don’t know any other troop in our community who has made the trip. Thank you, Tracy, for making the trip awesome!

GO on this trip!!! It IS a long drive, but there’s a Buc-ee’s on the way in Wharton. (Don’t try for the one in El Campo. It was in the middle of town and little more than a gas station with a beaver plopped onto the sign.) And the girls CAN do this.


The girls brilliantly performed the morning flag ceremony. Let’s hear it for day camp for teaching the girls how to do this properly!


Our girls had a successful cookie season allowing them enough money to also visit the Texas State Aquarium on Sunday morning. Don’t forget to call the aquarium for a group rate. (GSSJC does NOT have a discount for this facility.) With our group of 49 people, including siblings and parents, we were given an extra $3 off the online purchase rate. Never hurts to ask, right? They even have a group rate of $5.50 for lunch of a sandwich, chips and a drink. Can’t eat that cheap at McDonald’s!

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The dolphin show was a hoot. One of our Girl Scouts was chosen as a volunteer to help train the dolphins. Good thing she let me hold her vest!

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The girls touched sea anemones and sting rays and gawked at sea turtles. A special traveling show, featuring mammals and birds, entertained as well.


Overall, a grand experience. The girls had the opportunity to play and learn and explore. What more could you ask of a Girl Scout adventure?

Where have you gone this summer?

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