Not a Word

I have failed! I did not write a single word yesterday. Not on the blog. Not in my journal. Not for my book. Not a Facebook post. Not even a grocery list. Bah! This writing every day thing is more difficult than I thought. Wait! I did send text back and forth to party guests. I’ll take it. Not a failure at all. Yes, it’s a creative interpretation, but I’m supposed to be a writer. Creativity is my bread and butter, right?

The Fourth of July BBQ flowed smoothly yesterday. We worked remarkably well as a family unit to finish last minute cleaning, get the smoking and other food items prepared, and entertain our friends and family. Special shout out to Henry and Tammy who pushed up their sleeves lending a helping hand.

Highlight of the evening? Watching the fireworks from the balcony of our home with some of my favorite women in the world. The recent rain dropped the temperature, then moved on leaving us a phenomenal line-of-sight to the show. We could see the whole neighborhood laid out in front of us with sparks of red, green, and white lighting up the sky from house after house. Happy Birthday, America!

At least, I’ve written a bit today. I think I’m going to resurrect a short story I put away last winter.

Want to read a collection of meaningful short stories? Most people think of this book as an adaptation of a heartbreaking film starring my long lost love, Brad Pitt. Imagine my surprise when I purchased the book and was greeted with three masterfully crafted short stories. Embrace the unexpected.

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