On the keyboard again, just can’t wait to get on the keyboard again

A close friend and fellow future writer sent me a link to her blog. (Thank you, Nancy Katz!) I used to write in a blog. I even went so far as creating a new post every day for about a month. Then, as it always does, life took over monopolizing my time with kids and husband and house and volunteering.

I have made a major life change and resigned from many of my volunteer positions. Some of the responsibilities I gave up broke my heart, but I keep telling myself the characters in my head will thank me. They will finally be given life. I have always wanted to be a published writer. I have notebooks full of ideas for stories and characters and worlds I want to visit. I tried to get rid of the kids and husband too, but they just keep finding their way back home. I guess I’m stuck with them.

Comicpalooza 2014 in Houston revitalized my creative side to keep on chugging until I finish my book. Helpful hints given by the many incredible speakers on the writer track led me to write a full outline of my novel instead of the general guideline I already sketched out. I found a Houston Writer’s Club which I am anxious to join, except I feel too much the amateur to participate. I will finish a few more short stories and more of my book.

The most important information garnered from Comicpalooza? Never sit in the front row of a John Barrowman show when he’s doing short kicks. Oh wait, that wasn’t it. Though the entertainment value of that story ranks up in the top stories I have ever heard. A true storyteller is John Barrowman.

Kevin J. Anderson inspired me more than any single individual at the event. I attended a few of his sessions at DragonCon in Atlanta last year making me an instant fan without ever having read his work. Mr. Anderson has more number one novels than Stephen King which he has earned by constantly creating novels, attending conventions, editing anthologies, and aggressively pursuing his passion for writing. I bought his novel Clockwork Angels based on the Rush album of the same name. The style of writing consisted of such vivid imagery I felt like I was reading a painting. My respect for Mr. Anderson as a professional blossomed into respect as an artist. At ComicPalooza, a much smaller event than DragonCon, I was able to talk personally with Mr. Anderson while attending more intimate talks he gave. What did I learn? First, Neal Peart’s last name is pronounced peert, not purt. (Quite a shock to my lifelong Rush fan husband.) More importantly, NEVER give up. Write and write and write and write some more.

Which brings me back to the blog posted by my friend. Writing 750 words every day, about three pages typed. I can do it. I’m half way there with this blog already.

Now I must vacuum the office. Can’t focus in the mess. Then I’ll go back to writing. Wish me luck!!!

If you’re looking for something to read:
Clockwork Angels

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