Tarbin’s True Heir (The Recharging Book 1)




Winner of the bronze medal in the 2018 IPPYs!

If a small group of people save the world is your favorite kind of story, Tarbin’s True Heir is for you. Full of newfound magic, family strife, and exotic settings, the Recharging series by award-winning author Kelly Lynn Colby will check all your reading boxes as it takes you on an adventure of discovery and revelation.

Talia Winterlaus wishes nothing more than to control her own destiny. She longs to serve her people to a greater extent than a politically advantageous marriage. After all, she was the first born, leaving the womb minutes before her brother. She dependably studies and trains harder than her lame excuse for a twin.

Tanin Winterlaus is tired of the king, their father, showering Talia with his affection and praise. Tanin is the heir apparent. He deserves to wear the crown and rule the people without having to play second fiddle to his sister. He can’t wait until she is wed and out of his hair for good.

Their feud comes to a head when Talia is given the chance to participate in the Forging Quest alongside Tanin. They must search the continent in a year long journey to find five jewels lost from the Tarbin crown. In the end, the newly bejeweled crown and the proper blood will choose who wins the title True Heir.

A title that means more than either imagined.

Tarbin’s True Heir is perfect for anyone who enjoys an epic journey through a magical land full of dragons, elves, and treants.