Tarbin’s True Heir Sept 30, 2017

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Talia Winterlaus wishes nothing more than to control her own destiny. She longs to serve her people to a greater extent than a politically advantageous marriage. After all, she was the first born, leaving the womb minutes before her brother. She dependably studies and trains harder than her lame excuse for a twin.

Tanin Winterlaus is tired of the king, their father, showering Talia with his affection and praise. Tanin is the heir apparent. He deserves to wear the crown and rule the people without having to play second fiddle to his sister. He can’t wait until she is wed and out of his hair for good.

Their feud comes to a head when Talia is given the chance to participate in the Forging Quest alongside Tanin. They must search the continent in a year long journey to find five jewels lost from the Tarbin crown. In the end, the newly bejeweled crown and the proper blood will choose who wins the title True Heir.

A title that comes with a price neither imagined.

Eclectically Heroic, “The Power To” November 12, 2017

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A superhero outlives his usefulness; a boy finds a magic sword determined to make him a hero; a horse fights for her independence; a dragon rage is defeated; discover these and many more heroic stories in this fifth installment of the Eclectic Writings Series. After exploring carnal delights, criminal pursuits, Vegas getaways, and cosmic adventures, Inklings is sending you on a trip through the many definitions of heroism. Eclectic veteran authors include Dorothy Tinker, Cathy Clay, Emerson Adair, Verstandt, and Fern Brady who join a host of new members into our fold. Grab your cape and mount your noble steed as you embark on this heroic journey!

Eclectically Magical, “The King of the Frogs”                   Oct 29, 2018

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In this volume of the Eclectic Writing series you will find stories filled with magic. Struggle with Mike and Melika as they try to train an unruly bath ma; discover the consequences of Ana’s sneezes; follow Merlin on his ride through space in a Hoshi Chair; and join Jane in her nightly meetings of the Inhuman Resources Department. Like all the other anthologies in this volume, you will find eclectic stories that present the theme of magic in new and unusual ways.

Winter Whimsy: Eleven Tales of Childlike Wonder, “The Trapped Spirits of Yekaterin” Nov 14, 2018

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If autumn marks the season of change, then the season of speculation begins with winter–a time to dream, a time to wonder. Winter Whimsy is a breathtaking collection of tales from eleven worlds; when the season brings both snow and otherworldly phenomena, eleven curious minds are called to explore the anomalies with wonder and awe.

As the snow quietly blankets the earth, a meteor soars overhead and becomes the buzz of a small town. An ice fairy attack leads to an unexpected and bizarre truth. A nighttime drive down a snow-covered road leads to the discovery of mysterious, orb-like lights. An empathic painter slips further and further into an ethereal state in which her waking life and dreams become blurred.

What does it all mean? What dangers lurk beneath all the whimsy and wonderment?

A free-spirited girl creates a snow angel at dusk, soon learning her actions may have summoned an ancient evil. A peculiar basket arrives at the doorstep of a mountain ogress. A witch-apprentice and her mentor trek deep into a forest rumored to hold a host of disturbed spirits. A young elf takes his frail brother to see his first snowfall despite his father’s warnings about the dangers of the land.

An orphan train, a Yuletide blizzard, and phantasmagoria: in this collection of speculative fiction tales, the strange and new abound.