Tarbin’s True Heir Book Launch

I’m truly and officially a published author. I can’t believe it. Adrenaline stills pumps through my body even though the launch was last Saturday.

Look at my pretty table. My Dad brought wine cases home from work and I thought they would look perfect with the medieval fantasy theme. You know, along with the toy fairy garden and stuffed dragons. Ha! Anyway, I needed the height and they actually worked remarkably well. I think I’m going to keep them to use when I have to set up my booth at events. I chose a royal blue tablecloth because it compliments the awesome cover. I’m so thankful for Stefanie Saw. That piece of art has garnered much attention for my novel. Now I have to hope the world and characters I built please my readers as much as the cover art!

I have to say I’m humbled by the support I received to pull this thing off.

The Inklings Publishing team who transformed the dream of a manuscript into a professionally published novel. They rock!

My bestie, Tammy, who helped me clean and set up before the party and acted as our star photographer. Without her, I would have no proof that the event even happened!

My husband’s bestie, Henry, who helped keep the guests fed and opened the door for me. We joked that he has to wear a tux and talk in a British accent next time.

Kevin’s parents helped keep the kitchen moving while my dear husband, a true partner, led the way. I didn’t leave the table for more than a few minutes for the whole event. I’m so lucky.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of my daughter, Jenna, at the party. Here’s one on her horse instead. She stayed on the balcony giving dragon tattoos to the children who came.


My son, Xander, made the map in the book. So, he got to sign copies as well. He was kinda stoked.

The turnout was more than I could have hoped for. I had fellow Girl Scout volunteers, Boy Scout volunteers, families from the barn, blood relatives, friends I consider relatives, new neighbors, old neighbors, and fellow writers. Good news? We sold out! Bad news? We sold out, making it difficult to get books to people who missed the event. You know, I think this is a problem I can deal with.

As prizes, we offered two adorable stuffed dragons and a fairy garden. Each book purchased received one ticket. I’m proud to announce the winners:

Meredith won the Fairy Garden.

Rebecca won the roaring dragon.

Caryn won the green dragon.

Congratulations, my friends! I’ll get them to you in the coming week.

We didn’t get pictures of everyone who made it out. We tried, but much of the event was quite hectic. I want you all to know, that I am lucky to have you in my life and I REALLY hope you enjoy the book.

Don’t forget! If you leave a review on Amazon and join my newsletter (click the dragon on the right), I’ll send you two cut chapters from the novel. Don’t miss out on the extras! That’s the fun part.

I know one of my friends, Jean, has already finished the book. I better finish up this blog and continuing working on book two.


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