Back in the Saddle…Okay, on the Keyboard, Again.

Wow. Last post was in June. Summer got a hold of me and did not let go until this week. I know many moms who can’t wait for school to start so their little ones are not at home running around all day. I couldn’t wait because I need the enforced schedule. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the kids graduate. Then again, they won’t be home distracting me and I won’t have their summer travel to contend with. I might be better year round. I guess I’ll find out in six years. Until then, I need school!

Xander and Jenna and chicken

I’m a horrible parent and did not get a “first day” picture. So here’s a “first week” picture with the city brother so proud for catching a chicken and the country sister laughing at him.


My blog post goal was one every Sunday resulting in 52 blogs. Obviously, the “every Sunday” bit has already been lost. But I  could catch up with the 52 issues part. I made a list of topics based on what we did in the summer and what I learned. This gives me a few topics to focus on. And Dragon Con is next week! WOOT! That will give me plenty to blog about (and some amazing pictures to share). I have 13 posts to create to be on schedule. I can do it!

As a sneak peak:


1. Scheduling posts on social media in bulk in advance

2. First live podcast

3. Writing a short story in between larger projects


1. Troop trip to Savannah

2. Day camp

3. Son’s trip to Northern Tier


1. Puppy adjustment

2. Critical Role addiction

3. Kevin Smith live

Those are just a peak. I’m excited to share these and more experiences with you!

Oh, and thank you for not punishing me for being behind. Y’all are the bestest. (It’s a word. I say so. I choose to ignore the squiggly red line.)

Read more books!!!

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