NaNoWriMo Prep

Nancy and I attended a writing prep event for the Houston area for NaNoWriMo. Craziness! And I don’t mean the writers. Well, not ONLY the writers. The competition held every November is to commit 50K new words to the page, potentially completing a new novel. Wow, right?

I have 40K words down for my novel thus far. It took me almost five months to get that complete. That’s with a detailed outline, formed characters, and a mapped out world. If I’m to “win” NaNoWriMo, I must more than double my word count with a new story I only have a basic sketch of in my head. I’m terrified!

Plus, November? Who chose this particular month? The prep session we attended did the math for us. We need to complete 1667 words a day to make the 50K. Sounds reasonable, except my one day record for banged out words is 2500. Still seems reachable, right? Now let’s explore the month of November:

First weekend, Air Show and Xander’s Regional Band Try-outs.

Second weekend, Older Girl Scout Lock-In and Game Night.

Third weekend, Jenna’s DI workshop and Camping at Renfest.

Fourth weekend, Camping with Girl Scout troop.

Thanksgiving week, Sister and family visiting from out of town.

Fifth weekend, free to finally write.

Still seems reachable. But I did not include our weekly schedule, with our incredibly busy children, that keeps us on our toes. With all of these excuses, I’m still going to give it a go. I have nothing to lose and a ridiculous amount of pride to gain. If I don’t quite make it, at least I tried. I thought “Adventures in Writing” a catchy title, but not a realistic description. I was wrong. This career keeps forcing me outside of my comfort zone. Here’s to years to come!!!

Fahrenheit 451 inspired me to hoard my books in paranoia. Every time there’s a book burning in this country, I cringe. Plus, this book is only 46,118 words long. Not that I am planning a timeless classic for the month of November, but it’s possible… If you’ve never read this classic, it’s a quick, mind-opening read. Give it a chance.

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