Flaws will be morphed to strengths with more key tapping

Wow! What a day! First day of the Jody Lynn Nye workshop complete. I know I’m at one of the biggest parties of the year, DragonCon. I am surrounded by geeks of every shade and creed. I am in nerd nirvana. And I’m sitting in class all day getting edumicated. Yes, I said edumicated. It’s a word. My husband said so.
I can’t help it! I LOVE education. I have learned much already. I have been given feedback from readers and a professional on my Larry and his Ghost short story. I am eager to make the suggested changes and work on perfecting the world. The constructive comments reinvigorated me instead of frustrating or frightening me. I am eager to finish my work and move forward.
I was told I went from light hearted to violent horror without a satisfying transition. Some of my fellow workshoppers wanted more on Sara and Larry’s relationship. Some wanted more description of DragonCon (the setting of the short story). I completely agree. I found sticking with a 7000 word limit challenging. With some aspects, I failed. I need to keep working on my writing skill until I can successfully communicate what is in my head succinctly.  
Ms. Nye said the first million words don’t count. I am encouraged by this statement. I will continue to plug away and beg feedback from professionals until my skill is up to the clever ideas and fascinating worlds and characters running around in my head.
The overall message I received? Keep it up! That’s all I need to hear!

Want to read a book about someone who never gives up? Try Woman in the Mist by Farley Mowat. It’s a story about Dian Fossey, a famous naturalist who studied gorillas in the Rwandan mountains. I only hope for a better ending with my endeavor than Fossey experienced with hers.
Read more books!
Kelly Colby

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