DragonCon Shenanigans

We have returned to our hotel room after an epic day at DragonCon. I have enjoyed the time with my brother and sister and mother and mother-in-law and brother’s friend and, last, but not least, my angel of a husband.

We have eaten fine food (and crappy food). The crab cakes from the Ritz Carlton were all lump crab meat. The stuffed figs from Meehan’s Irish Pub blew my taste buds. Fantastic! Benihana’s, however, proved to be a huge disappointment. We waited for two hours when they said it would be one. They continuously lied to us about where we were on the list while seating customers who came after us. Kevin and I left. The rest of our party stayed to enjoy what they described as mediocre food. The chef behind them dropped the spatula, picked it up, wiped it on a dirty towel, then went right back to the show. I’m relieved we left and ate Chick-fil-a instead.

We’ve met interesting people from all over the world. (No, seriously, the WHOLE world, Kevin met a girl from Iceland last night. Iceland! That poor girl must be melting in the Atlanta heat.) We’ve spoke with people from at least half the country as well as multiple UK accents.

In the Gaming Room, we played Kingsburg (take note GameGroup, this one is next on our list) and an expansion of Smallworld. Where have these games been all my life? I could play for days and do nothing else. So addicting!!!

The cosplay has been entertaining and impressive. Our group was lucky enough to watch the cosplay contest. One girl dressed up like the junk lady puppet from Labyrinth. Her costume weighed 60 pounds. She made it out of recycled materials crafting it to look EXACTLY like the puppet from the movie. She swayed back and forth like the pile of stuff could collapse at any moment. I cried when she came on stage. Labyrinth is one of those movies I watched repeatedly as a child that molded my brain into a creative melting pot.

The last panel I was able to attend was the Humor in Urban Fantasy panel populated by well known authors of the genre such as Kevin J. Anderson and Jim Butcher. Kevin and I laughed through the entire panel.

I will have to tell you more about DragonCon later. I am falling asleep at my keyboard. We were up until almost 5am yesterday. We’ve got a long trip in the car tomorrow. Must recharge!!!

In celebration of DragonCon, I shall recommend The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This five part trilogy will amuse you as you analyze human nature through the adventures of Arthur Dent and his alien companion, Ford Prefect.

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    One of my favorite books.