About the Writer

Kelly Lynn Colby is a professional volunteer, fledgling writer, and hardcore geek. Her epic fantasy Tarbin’s True Heir is up for pre-order right now with a release date of September 30, 2017. Book two, Tarbin’s False Prophet, has words added to its draft daily. Mostly daily. It will be ready for readers next September. Promise.

Kelly’s second novel is off searching for an agent. Good luck, The Innkeeper’s Daughter: An Ella and Wink Story, a middle grade fantasy about a girl and her dragon. The Case of the Fallen Dragon, a YA urban fantasy, has been drafted and taunts its author as it awaits its revision.

Kelly has joined Inklings Publishing as an acquisitions editor and developmental editor. The main thing she’s learned so far is the location of the coffee. Priorities. She’s also had the privilege to work with Meg Hafdahl, an incredible up and comer of horror fiction.

For over a decade, she has volunteered with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of her community. The high school band, where her son plays french horn, and SCC Farm, where her daughter learns equestrian skills, see her face more than her husband.

When she is not attending to her myriad duties, Kelly enjoys reading and traveling, especially to Sci-Fi conventions such as Dragon Con. She’s also addicted to Podcasts, the Nerdist being top of the list, along with Critical Roll and Writing Excuses.

A HUGE proponent of community in everything she does, Kelly is a member of the Houston Writers Guild. She maintains a relationship with the past attendees of the Dragon Con Writers Workshop hosted by Jody Lynn Nye. Daily interaction with The Cerulean Project, writing genre fiction that matters, keeps her motivated while in front of her keyboard typing away. She’s recently joined SCBWI and loves their engaging and interactive monthly meetings.

Kelly is attending the Superstars Writing Seminar February 2018 as the fulfillment of a dream she’s maintained since she first decided she could write for a living.